Who are we?

Kate Blair runs northern voice.

Kate is a professional singer and actor who has extensive experience as a vocal coach.

She has lectured at drama schools and Universities throughout the North West and UK and currently teaches Singing to Music Degree students at LIPA and Liverpool Theatre School.

As well as working with private singing students, Kate also works in the rehabilitation of clients with vocal health issues.

BVA                Equity                 DBS CHecked
Kate Blair BA Hon's, PGDip, PGCE, ALCM

Kate trained at East 15 Acting School on the NCDT accredited Acting Course and with The London College of Music. She then embarked on a professional career as an actor, Musical Theatre performer and Session Vocalist (rock/pop).  

Kate is a qualified teacher and voice coach, specialising in contemporary singing technique and performance coaching. As a technical singing teacher, she draws upon an in depth knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the voice. She continues to train with many leading practitioners and within a range of methodologies, including Estill, Accent Method and Primal Voice.

Kate is passionate about the field of voice and vocal health. She is an active member of The British Voice Association and Equity.  She also works within the field of spoken voice and designs bespoke training for individuals and companies, promoting efficient voice technique and vocal health.

Kate is fully insured and holds a current DBS (formerly CRB) check.

Voice Care

Our voice is something that we often take for granted and even abuse in our everyday lives.  The promotion of vocal health is something we are passionate about at Northern Voice.

See below for some health care tips!

Don't shout

Be careful not to push the voice in noisy environments and don't talk over loud music.

Keep hydrated

We all love a cuppa!  Tea, coffee and fizzy drinks can dehydrate you though so don't overdo it.   Try to drink 6-8 glasses of water each day.

Avoid unnecessary throat clearing

This can irritate your voice and will lead to more mucus being produced.  If you have this habit try sipping water or swallowing instead.

Watch your diet

Try to eat a healthy balanced diet.  Your voice will thank you for it.   Avoid eating late at night as this can cause acid reflux.

Don't smoke

If you can't give up, try to cut down.   A healthy lifestyle with exercise and plenty of sleep is ideal.

Warm up

If you are going to use your voice for a long time make sure you warm it up first.   Even a couple of minutes will make a difference.

If your voice feels tired - rest it

Steam or drink something soothing like hot water with a spoon of honey and squeeze of lemon juice.

Take good care of your voice

You only get one!  If your voice begins to sound different or you have illness lasting more than 2 weeks, see your doctor.




  • 45 minutes: £30
  • 60 minutes: £40

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Strictly 48 hours notice is required to reschedule or the full lesson fee is payable